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Marine biologist Tom Jefferson stands with binoculars and microphone, a sunset sky is in the background.
A humpback dolphin breaches from the water. The dolphin has a long nose and mottled pink and gray skin.


Clymene Enterprises LLC (Dr. Thomas A. Jefferson, sole proprietor) provides scientific consulting services related to marine mammals.  Dr. Jefferson is a scientist in the field of marine mammal conservation biology, and he has advocated for the effective conservation and management of marine mammal populations for nearly three decades.  He has published many papers and books and is globally recognized by his peers as an expert on marine mammals and their protection from human-caused threats.  His ultimate goal is to encourage effective management of marine mammal populations, subspecies, and species, so that they can persist in the long term in as close to their natural state as possible.


Clymene Enterprises provides services for the collection and interpretation of relevant scientific information, advice, and recommendations to project proponents, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, oversight and review committees, and interested stakeholders.  This arrangement recognizes that Clymene Enterprises acts in an advisory role and does not make policy.


Past and Current Clients


Companies:                                                Government Agencies:

AECOM (Hong Kong)                                   Hong Kong Airport Authority

Bhanja Cheung (Hong Kong)                       Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries

CERTI (Brazil)                                                 & Conservation Department

CES (Hong Kong)                                         Hong Kong Civil Engineering &

Continental Shelf Associates (USA)                Drainage Department

Ecosystems (Hong Kong)                             United States Marine Corps/

ELDB (Hong Kong)                                          MARFORPAC

ERM (Australia)                                            United States Navy/NAVFAC

ERM (Hong Kong)                                        United States National Marine

Geo-Marine, Inc. (USA)                                   Fisheries Service (NOAA)

GHD (Australia)


ManTech (USA)

Maunsell (Hong Kong)

Meinhardt (Hong Kong)

Mott MacDonald (Hong Kong)

Ove-Arup & Partners (Hong Kong)

Smultea Sciences (USA)

TetraTech (USA)

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